Broadstairs Dickens festival brings the great author to life

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From 1837 until 1859, Charles Dickens regularly visited Broadstairs in Kent. In 1937, the then resident of the Dickens House, Gladys Waterer, conceived the idea of putting on a production of David Copperfield to commemorate the centenary of the author’s first visit and of having people about the town in Victorian dress to publicise it. With the exception of the years of World War 2, the Broadstairs Dickens festival has been held annually in the third week of June ever since. People dress up in Victorian clothes, events and talks are held throughout the week, and a variety of Dickens-related entertainment is put on. Events are in fact held throughout the year, including quizes, talks, balls, and costume demonstrations. So why celebrate the life and work of someone who has been dead for over 140 years?


Charles Dickens is without a doubt one of the greatest novelists of the Victorian period. Incidentally, have you ever noticed that such great artists are often referred to in the present tense, despite being very much deceased? Great authors like Dickens continue to live on through their work, breathing life through the pages and speaking to the sensibilities, hopes, feelings and intellects of all who read their stories. Although language and the way we express ourselves has changed significantly in the past 200 years and is changing ever more with the dominance of social media and technology, Dickens is still readable in a modern context and remains one of the most important authors in the history of English literature. His social critique, accessible insight into the human psyche, dark humour and classic British wit are still relatable.


Aside from creating some of the most iconic characters in the history of literature, Dickens’ work often concerned itself with the downtrodden underclasses, and provided a valuable social commentary on 18th century Britain. Reading his work gives you a strong insight into the customs, values, and socio-political issues faced by Victorian Britain. His work reflects not only the past, and not just Britain, but also the present. The same political issues still exist and we experience the same consciousness now as people did then. We relate to the story of Oliver Twist because exploitation, greed, moral corruption, injustice and huge inequality are still very much alive in modern British society-not to mention the many countries in the world in which child labour is a cruel reality. In terms of speaking to our hopes and aspirations for life, who in our celebrity and status obsessed culture hasn’t longed for an escape from mundanity in favour of a life of wealth and luxury? In Great Expectations, Dickens highlights these universal longings and exposes the vacuous sense of disappointment that lingers once such great heights have been achieved. The novel makes for a valuable commentary on the human condition, which strongly reverberates whith our own sensitivities.


You’d be hard pressed to find a Brit who hasn’t heard of A Christmas Carol; it’s almost impossible to avoid cinematic renderings of the novel on television come December. We revisit the works of Dickens and other great authors time and time again because their work is still engaging. The same societal problems continue to haunt our civilisation year after year. The personal turmoil, yearnings and dreams people had in 18th century Britain are still felt by people today the world over. Celebrate the life and work of Charles Dickens with locals and tourists at the Broadstairs Dickens festival in the third week of June every year. Visit the beautiful town he loved so much and step into the rich past of Britain. Dress up in the traditional Victorian clothes that we now consider eccentric, and partake in the practices we now consider quaint, but remember that this is more than just a celebration of a genius from the past. It is the celebration of an author who still exists today in the pages of our books, and indeed the screens of our kindles, a testament to his immortality.

Sicily, the pearl of Italy

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????????If you haven’t been to Sicily, you haven’t experienced Italy. This commonly held belief among proud locals and those vacationers, tourists and backpackers who are lucky enough to include this magical island on their Italian holiday itinerary will agree. With wide swaths of green and tan Mediterranean landscape including pastoral goat farms, craggy cliffs and endless olive trees, plus a fiery local culture full of authentic dance and music and ways of life that seem to be lifted directly from a centuries-old fairytale book, Sicily typifies the charm and fragrance of rural, southern Italy at its best.
The Sicilian coastline is also one of the most incredible stretches of land, with endless golden sand beaches running up against dramatic cliff sides, whites and golden colors that contrast beautifully the emerald green countryside and the deep blue sea. Occasionally a white-walled fishing village will crop up along the coastline, clinging to the rocky peninsula it was built on, and a harbor filled with the makeshift yachts of local fishermen will charm you SONY DSCwith its rich, photogenic air.
There are a wealth of amazing things to do and see in Sicily. Sicily’s most intense charm lies in the countryside. The regions of Ragusa, Catania, Agrigento, Caltanissetta, Syracuse and Trapani should all be thoroughly explored while spending your holidays there. Among them Trapani is a very fascinating city: the old town center is amazing and is worth a visit. From the port of Trapani you have connections to the Egadi Island, not far away from the cost. Accommodation of every kind abounds, maybe a B&B is the cheapest and the most convenient solution:

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Studying Abroad – Combining personal and intellectual development

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Have you just finished your Bachelors degree and you feel like going away?

Many students feel the urge to go abroad after having worked hard on their Bachelors degree, to see something else than their ‘normal’ environment but feel obligated to finish their master thesis first. After all, they don’t want to postpone their start into the working life as this means that there will be another one or two years without income.

A great solution for this problem is the possibility to do their Masters degree abroad. This enables students to break free from their ‘same old’ surroundings and gives them the possibility to explore new cultures and » Weiterlesen: Studying Abroad – Combining personal and intellectual development

Expo 2015 – a Good Reason to Visit Milan

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According to the organizers’ estimates, around 21 million visitors will be in Milan to participate in the Expo 2015. A huge number of people indeed. They will have the opportunity to enjoy its ancient architecture and modern buildings, churches and museums. And of course, do a bit of healthy shopping in Via Montenapoleone and Via della Spiga. » Weiterlesen: Expo 2015 – a Good Reason to Visit Milan

Increase in Ski Holidays in England

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Skiing UK For years, the Brits have stayed home in the comfort of their own country during their summer holidays however there has been an increased tendency in Brits staying the UK during their winter holidays! With many dry slopes available in the UK, as well as outdoor slopes, many are staying at home to hit the pistes!

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Sustainable Travels – Volunteer Programmes Abroad

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Environmental awareness is a constantly raising trend among today’s travellers worldwide. For example, TUI statistics of 2010 investigated that 74 percent of German travellers prefer to stay in an environmental friendly hotel rather than a low-price guesthouse. But why staying in a hotel at all if you can do more to contribute to your environment? The trend towards volunteering abroad is raising about 20 percent each year and is especially popular among young travellers.

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Abu Dhabi Attracting More Tourists

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Although it may not have been in the tourism limelight quite as much as its smaller neighbour Dubai, the United Arab Emirate’s largest Emirate, Abu Dhabi is quickly becoming a major tourist destination.  Abu Dhabi has developed at an incredible rate over the past 30 years, emerging from a beautiful desert, sparsely populated by nomadic tribes and a few small villages, into a modern luxurious region, with a host of superb tourist facilities.  » Weiterlesen: Abu Dhabi Attracting More Tourists

Bonjour France!

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If you are looking for an affordable European getaway, a trip to France just might be the right solution for you! The country still maintains it’s top position of being one of the most visited countries in the world with Paris being the number one tourist destination worldwide. Millions of tourists flock to the country every year – but what is it about the France that is so appealing?

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Mandatory breathalyzers for drivers in France from June 1, 2012

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From the 1st of July 2012 all cars in France must carry a breathalyzer. This also applies to tourists, who travel by car in France. » Weiterlesen: Mandatory breathalyzers for drivers in France from June 1, 2012

A Cultural trip to Paris

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LouvreParis is a beautiful city, and you can spend plenty of time ambling along its streets, finding a café to watch the world go by, and shopping on the Champs Elysees…but when you’re not relaxing with a nice cool drink, there are also plenty of other things to keep you busy! Here’s a list of some of the cultural activities to captivate you, if you’re planning a Parisian break…

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